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Giuseppe’s Italian Bakes

Over 60 classic bakes, desserts & savoury bakes


My family recipe book has always been little more than a messy collection of three-line recipes jotted down on scrap paper, old calendar pages, or even napkins… It has always been an ambition of mine to tidy up that chaotic mess into something more legible, and eventually pass it on to my children as a treasured family heirloom.

Giuseppe’s Italian Bakes does just that, albeit for a slightly larger audience than just my kids: I have selected the most quintessentially Italian classics, both sweet and savoury, to create a unique collection of renowned treats as well as others just ready to be discovered.

Allow me bring a taste of these Italian masterpieces to your home with Giuseppe’s Italian Bakes!

cannoli siciliani recipe by giuseppe dell'anno
baci di alassio recipe by giuseppe dell'anno
ricciarelli recipe by giuseppe dell'anno
rotoli di pizza peperoni recipe by giuseppe dell'anno
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